AROT & Pedicargo - Our waste


As ‘A Rule of Tum’ grows and takes its place in the world, we want to ensure that we are doing as much as we can to maintain an ethical and good-for-the-planet approach to business.  

One step we are taking to ensure this goal is to be responsible for our waste; to make sure we reduce the amount we produce, and to make sure that the waste we do produce isn't left as a problem for future generations to deal with.

As such, we have partnered up with Pedicargo, a Hereford-based business that uses pedal powered cargo bikes to collect waste (as well as deliveries and transport) and ensure that it is dealt with in a responsible way.

Pedicargo have set out to make recycling not only easy, but also cost effective. Using a cycle powered solution, the collections that they make don't add to the pollution in the city, and they are a neat fit with the busy inner-city streets. 

A few of the Pedicargo crew taking a well earned rest after a morning of deliveries and collections.

A few of the Pedicargo crew taking a well earned rest after a morning of deliveries and collections.

^ Will unloading one of the Pedicargo skips, a process which takes about 5 seconds.


How does it all work?

At our Hereford restaurants (we’re looking into similar solutions for Worcester), we separate our waste into paper, plastic, glass, cans, cardboard, and food waste.

Food waste is collected by Herefordshire Council and sent for energy reclamation - turning the calories you don't eat into energy. Glass is directed to British glass recycling plants, and the rest is collected, sorted, and processed by Pedicargo.

Once the waste gets to the Pedicargo depot, it is sorted a little further, compacted and sent by Pedicargo for recycling. Cardboard ends up as new cardboard packaging, paper becomes more paper in British paper mills, cans become new things made from aluminium and steel, and all the plastic is recycled into new plastic products. Anything that has slipped through the net gets sent for energy reclamation.  

This combined effort results in zero of our Hereford waste going to landfill. But even better than that, most of our waste is recycled, ensuring that new materials aren't having to be made from scratch to replace the old ones, saving energy and precious resources.

Will from Pedicargo.

Will from Pedicargo.


Pedicargo are a Hereford based, cycle powered delivery and waste collection service, they’re doing really great work and you can follow Pedicargo over on their instagram: @pedicargo