'On the Butchers Block' - A New Future for Meat at AROT

A Rule of Tum has grown considerably over the past few years, from opening a second Burger Shop in Worcester to The Bookshop restaurant in Hereford and running an events team. As such we are always expanding our operation and this has now stretched to how we butcher and process our meat.

For the past four years the indomitable Farmer Tom has been raising cattle on his farm in the Herefordshire countryside, it is this beef that is the cornerstone of our restaurants, from the patties in the Burger Shops to the steaks in The Bookshop it all comes from Tom. Not only has he been rearing our beef, he has also been butchering and delivering it to our restaurants, mince for the burger shops and sides of beef ready for our own chefs to then break down into steak sections and beef for our award winning Sunday Lunch.


It’s now time for a change, with things expanding we have now brought all of our butchering in house, the beef of course is still from Tom, hung and aged in exactly the same way to make sure it’s packed with flavour, then it gets dropped off at our new butchery in Worcester.

The arches at Worcester have been home to the Burger Shop for 2 years now, and our third arch in the row we have converted into our in-house butchery. All of the meat is dropped off here, broken down, butchered and minced, as well as the mince for our burgers the steaks that grace the tables of the bookshop are also butchered here, our talented butchers expertly craft out sirloins and côte de boeufs while the left over bones are roasted and turned into stock.

This is our new butchery, the next step in growing A Rule of Tum.

Thanks for reading!