In late November, Ross from Herefordshire and Ludlow College approached us with the idea of a collaborative project with his catering students, to showcase the skills that they had learned during the course and to give a platform for young talent in Herefordshire. Ross realises that his job is not just to teach, but to inspire the next generation of cooks, chefs, and restaurateurs, a notion that we hold close to our hearts – so naturally we jumped at the opportunity to support him and the college… Story was born.

From concept to execution, we worked closely with the team at the college to provide the event with the exposure it deserved, and the support we received was outstanding. It took less than a month for both evenings to sell out, and demand continued right up until the big day.

Being involved with such an event brings us to thinking about the future. As a young person myself, having opportunities like this and the freedom to explore the skill sets we’ve been working so hard at is unbelievably valuable. Not only to the individual(s) involved, but to the community in which we live in, and the people that make it.

The service couldn’t have run more smoothly. The kitchen team and front of house put out each ‘chapter’, plate by plate, in a way that you would expect from any well-run restaurant, and over the course of 3 hours, guests enjoyed 7 courses, complete with canapes, petit fours and coffee. The attention to detail, a testament to the work that Ross and his students are doing.  


Greeted with a round of applause, the kitchen team came out to chat with guests, friends and family. You could see a sense of accomplishment on their faces – a very proud moment for all involved!

We would like to give thanks to the students (Shannon, Angus, Devonne, Shelly, Joe, Kelly and Becky), Chef Lecturer Ross, Hospitality Lecturer Zoe, and Communications Officer Amy from Herefordshire and Ludlow College for making this all possible. We look forward to working with you again.

In the meantime, catch the students serving up some of their delicious food at the Cider Orchard Restaurant up at the College every Wednesday evening in term time.