I’m always looking for new ways of incorporating exciting flavours to our menu, using as much of the seasonal ingredients we have at our doorstep. We’re spoilt for choice in Herefordshire when it comes to working directly with the producers growing and rearing delicious food.

When creating new dishes, sometimes making a small change to a traditional recipe can result in something truly amazing. This month we’re sharing our ‘green sauce’ recipe from Steak Night at The Bookshop. Traditionally an Argentinian steak condiment referred to as ‘Chimichurri’ we made a few adjustments due to seasonality and to add a British flare.

The green sauce is a light, fresh and uplifting recipe, which can take a grass fed steak to a new level.




• ½ Bunch Mint                           

• Bunch Parsley

• 50g Watercress                 

• ½ Bunch Tarragon                    

• ½ Bunch Basil                           

• 2 Garlic Cloves             

• 2 Scotch Bonnets           

• Squeeze Lime                          

• 40g Capers                         

• Sea Salt, to taste

• Sherry Vinegar, to taste

• Pomace Oil, to consistency


Blitz ingredients one at a time in the order listed. Add sea salt, sherry vinegar and pomace oil last to desired taste and consistency. Serve in a ramekin or drizzle directly on steak.