The world of spirits is something that, to most of us, is shrouded in mystery beyond a branded bottle and a twee story. With gin, this is especially the case; often because the tale is one of the imported neutral grain spirit, added imported botanicals and a flashy marketing campaign to boot.

What is perhaps most understated about what William Chase has achieved since setting up Chase Distillery 2008, is the focus on the provenance of what goes into their range of products at centre stage. The 'field-to-bottle' ethos and being able to show where the ingredients are grown is something that is core to the family's and team's beliefs. Knowing where and how something is made is a powerful message that the Chase team has in abundance.

Pushing other producers towards transparency in an industry that all to often pushes the other way, is something that the Chase family and the distillery team should be commended for. It is also one reason that we should be proud to have them on our doorstep.