The man, the myth, the legend... Farmer Tom Jones rears grass fed Hereford and Dexter cattle along with a few heritage breeds of lamb and mutton at his farm in west Herefordshire.

Growing up on the beautiful Welsh boarders, Tom was surrounded by fields, farms and food. After spending some time in London, Tom packed up his knapsack and headed home to the family farm. Full of big ideas, staunch determination and a bucket load of charisma, he turned the traditional business on his head and began providing top-notch restaurants with top-notch meat.

Tom is a farmer, butcher, cook, husband, father and storyteller. His life is full of characters and quirk. His instagram feed (@farmertomjones) tells us about the individual stories, whilst painting the colourful personalities of the creatures with which he works everyday. From Hereford's 'Cattle Catwalk' to 'Alton Towers' (the abattoir), Tom shows his animals living long, happy, trouble-free lives. 

Whether home or in the hustle and bustle of the restaurant industry, Tom is an excellent cook. Cooking for people unleashes his passion and fascination for flavours, simplicity and satisfying food. Over time, this is where his aspirations have moved. Using his fantastic quality meat as the focus of creating rustic, tasty and uncomplicated dishes. 

We love working with Tom. His grass fed, hung for a month, jam packed with flavour meats are hands down the best we've ever tasted - wouldn't you agree?