our story:

A Rule of Tum began back in 2013 when the creative minds of Brothers Edwin and Dorian Kirk, along with their close friend Jon Stead decided to bring about a change in Herefordshire food culture and begin the journey towards bringing great dining experiences to the people of Hereford and beyond.

Read on to find out about how we got started, our restaurants and what we plan to do next...






The first venture started with a series of suppers and Sunday lunches at Dunkerton’s farm in Pembridge, Herefordshire, these were all sell out events, and the money raised form these allowed the boys to kick start their business and get the ball rolling with a more permanent food offering.

Dorian returned to his his home town of Hereford after opening and running restaurants in London and quickly realised that the local area was distinctly lacking in decent food choices teamed up with his brother. Edwin, having worked in hospitality most of his life brought to the table his business skills and along with their friend Jons design, branding and social media skills allowed them to create A Rule of Tum.





It was clear that Hereford wanted great places to eat and with money raised from the first stage of the business the guys were able to secure, convert and open the first Burger Shop on Aubrey street in Hereford.

Burger shop opened its doors in November 2014 to queues out the door and a very satisfied customer base, fans were able to get a stunning burger from the Burger Shop 5 days a week.

As the restaurant grew so did the team, bringing on more people to cope with an increase in demand for the food and this heated up even more when acclaimed restaurant critic Jay Rayner came to town and wrote a stellar Review for the guardian, praising the burger shop for “a remarkable effort on doing the seemingly simple, a gold star and a tick”






Soon after the Burger Shop’s expansion an old bookshop next door became available, the boys quickly snapped this up and opened a second prep kitchen to help the increasingly busy Burger Shop restaurant.

The bookshop was refurbished and given the AROT treatment, exposing the bricks, using concrete to make a stylish bar and building a massive bookcase to pay homage to the bookshop it once was. The name was kept as The Bookshop and it all began with Sunday lunch and Steak Thursdays, this time farmer toms beef was butchered into the most stunning steaks and Sunday lunch alongside some incredible side dishes and desserts.

The bookshop really allowed A Rule of Tum to expand and offer a different style of food, in 2017 they won the coveted Observer Food: Best Sunday lunch of the year award, the first time it was won by a restaurant outside of London.




Festival (3).jpg


Out of a love for food and for celebrating local makers, artisans and restaurants the first indie food festival was born in 2016, using the space behind the Burger Shop and The Bookshop the humble, overgrown car park was turned into an incredible festival of music food and culture.

People loved the festival and the following year things were stepped up even more attracting 4000 visitors to Hereford to sample the offerings.

Along side the festival a zine was launched to showcase what Hereford has to offer, with articles on suppliers, makers and restaurants.




menu logo-1arot misc.jpg


In 2017 came the time to expand once more, this time into a different city and after leasing 3 railway arches, an ambitious refurbishment project and training up a new team; Burger Shop Worcester was born.

It was all hands on deck for the building work.

This new restaurant used the arch space to create a vibrant burger joint in the heart of Worcester and soon grew the following to a whole new audience of burger fans.





With money raised from a recent crowdfunding project the next step is to help expand The Bookshop by merging with the space next door and increasing the offering to all day dining with the best brunch in Hereford.

Soon after this the Burger Shop Hereford will get the same treatment with a refurbishment and expansion, bringing about an even bigger change to the face of A Rule of Tum.

A Rule of Tum was never about creating a faceless chain, it’s about great food, individuality and inspiring change.