We’re crowdfunding!

“A Rule Of Tum Group Ltd, parent company of The Bookshop Restaurant & Burger Shop Hereford and Worcester, is for the first time offering an opportunity to invest in their business. Turning over £1.6m (y/e March 18), the company is raising funds to purchase their Hereford sites and expand further.”


Please head to our crowdcube platform to find out more about the investment, or read below for our Q+A


Hello all investors & potential investors,

Below are some FAQ's of our previous BLACK CARD BOND campaign, which saw us raising £425,000 in six days. Below goes someway to explaining the reasons for the change and coming on this platform. Please reach out if this spurs further questions.

Q. Why are you seeking investment so soon after the success of the Black card Bonds?

A. We are not. We have had to relaunch our campaign and did not receive any of the pledged investment from the Black Card Bonds. This was due to FCA regulations requiring all investments of this nature to be made through an FCA approved platform.

Q. Do you still get a black card?

A. Yes. We still offer the Black card from any investment over £500 receiving 3% per annum of your investment for the life of the shareholding. Plus 10% off in all our restaurants (tables of up to 4)

Q. Why have you relaunched your funding campaign and changed the offer?

A. This was due to FCA regulations requiring all investments of this nature to be made through an FCA approved platform. The offer has been changed because there are no FCA platforms currently that offer Bonds for this type or raise.

Q. What is the money for now and why have you increased it?

A. We increased from the original £200,000 to £400,000 as we now have the option to purchase our properties in Aubrey Street and complete full expansion plans on both restaurants. We have a stretch goal of £600,000 that will allow us to meet further growth plans. We will be giving away more equity for this, any investment thus far will not be diluted if we were to ‘overfund’ This asset will be included in the share issuing group.

Q. What are the fundamental differences from the black card bonds to this new equity offer?

A. The Bonds investment was a fixed percentage return set over a 4 year period. The new equity offer will give you shares in our growing company and a 30% government EIS tax relief. We have also added to the rewards and Black card offering.

Q. Can anyone get EIS?

A. Any U.K tax payer can claim EIS. You can also claim it from the previous financial year, if you have retired in this financial year. You can't claim EIS through a business, SIPP, or Pension.
Please see https://www.crowdcube.com/explore/tags/EIS

Q. If you hit your target with Black Card Bonds, why haven’t all those investors moved across to the new platform?

A. About 75% have come across to Crowdcube or are on the process. The majority or reasons why people have discontinued their original pledge to invest with the ‘Black Card Bonds’ is due to problems claiming the EIS, like investments from SIPP’s, Pensions, LTD company’s & those who are retired.

Q. Will you continue with much loved Hereford Indie Food Festival?

A. Yes. Buying the properties in Aubrey street includes the carpark allowing us to have unrestricted access to the Hereford Indie Food site. With full backing from the new owners of the Green Dragon Hotel we will be able to increase the size and scope of the festival for years to come.

Q. How can I get my money back?

A. Please see ‘Exit Strategy’ update on our Crowdcube platform - Exit Strategy

Q. What returns do I get?

A. You will get 30% EIS tax relief, 3% black car per annum. Plus potential share up lift.

Q. How will Brexit effect my investment in your business?

A. We use local and sustainable suppliers, meaning we won't be affected much by European trade changes. The purchase of property will maintain low overheads and allow for flexible use if required. We have also invested in new forecasting software, adding to our four-year trading experience, this will enable us to be agile and responsive to changes in a post Brexit market.

Q. Why are you buying in Aubrey Street instead of relocating to a high foot fall location?

A. Our venues suit the brand we have built, they allow us to be far more creative with the space i.e hosting Hereford Indie Food. We have looked at all alternative options in and around Hereford and non can offer the scope that our current properties can when purchased. Once we have secured a commercial mortgage our fixed costs will be approximately 40% lower than that of moving to two new premises.
The Green dragon Hotel is re-opening opposite, with about £3m being invested, this all helps encourage further footfall, and people looking for alternative eating experiences. We will be collaborating with then for Indie Food 2019, making it bigger and better.

We hope this helps answer any questions that may have arisen.

Please don't hesitate to call or email anytime

Dorian & Edwin