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In just under a week we have smashed our original target of £200,000 and our stretch target of £400,000, this is just incredible and we would like to thank everyone who has pledged to invest in the future of A Rule of Tum. 

If you have pledged to invest, you'll be receiving details of the next steps to finalising the bond process and after that you'll be sent your black cards and bond documents.


Black Card Bonds are now closed for 2018, but if you would like to register your interest for any future investment opportunities with A Rule of Tum then click the link below and we will be in touch the next time Black Card Bonds are on offer.










WOW! What an overwhelming response! Our target of £200,000 smashed in just a few days.

We couldn't be more humbled by the support from our community. Here's a quick message from the boys to tell you about our new stretch target...

invest in the future of a rule of tum

When we started A Rule of Tum in 2013, we had no idea that what we had set out to do would resonate with so many people. A Rule of Tum has never been about creating a faceless chain. It’s about great food, individuality, building a community and inspiring change. 

Over the last five years, we’ve been constantly investing back into the business and our community. Through opening our restaurants to our annual food festival, we have been working away, doing everything in our power to provide and promote food experiences in Hereford.

Right now we are crowdfunding to take the business to the next level. A Rule of Tum - Black Card Bonds. With an attractive projected return on your investment of up to 7% as well as many other exclusive benefits our Black Card Bonds are a great way to join us, as we create more exciting spaces to eat and drink, with you as a central part of our journey.


+ Why we're crowdfunding

Our current restaurants in Hereford have been a great opportunity to develop our concepts, structures and systems as a company. The buildings that we currently occupy limit what we can offer due to lack of space, an inefficient layout and with both properties coming to the end of their leases we feel that the time is right to make a change to expand and improve our offering in Hereford.

In the last three years we have opened three restaurants, gaining a wealth of experience. We see ourselves as forward thinkers, business leaders and hospitality experts with an opportunity to once again, push Hereford forward.

We are looking to raise £200,000 to reimagine our Hereford restaurants and we have decided to open this up to our community to help us make this a reality by introducing unregulated ‘Black Card Bonds’ your way to invest in the future of A Rule of Tum. If we raise more than £200,000 the finace will be used to purchase our properties to increase our profitability.

Our Hereford sites together last year turned over £1.1m gross and we project that with the proposed expansion we will see this grow to in excess of £1.8m by 2020.

+ Your investment

Investments in unregulated Black Card Bonds start at just £500 and offer an attractive projected return, up to 7% Fixed Rate over 4 years, your own personal ‘Black Card’ and a whole host of exclusive benefits.

A Rule of Tum unregulated Black Card Bonds will be open for purchase between September 2nd 2018 and October 2nd 2018.

Investment Options

£500 - £5000

£5000 +

5% Fixed Rate 7% Fixed Rate
4 Year Term 4 Year Term
Mini- Bond Investment Mini- Bond Investment
Exclusive Black Card Exclusive Black Card
Loads of Black Card Rewards Loads of Black Card Rewards

Read more abut Black card Rewards below...

+ Black Card Rewards

Investing in unregulated Black Card Bonds not only shows your support for A Rule of Tum, it also comes with a whole host of benefits and rewards for you to take advantage of, including:

  • Personal A Rule of Tum Black Card
  • 10% Discount at all of our restaurants for tables up to four
  • Invitation to annual Black Card Suppers
  • First refusal on future investment opportunities
  • Additional 3% of your investment loaded back to your card annually to spend with A Rule of Tum. (Example: £1000 investment will give you £50 as interest and £30 loaded on to your Black Card annually for the term of your investment.)

  • FAQs

    What happens if the Black Card Bonds are oversubscribed?

    The Black Card Bonds will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis up to our target of £200,000. We will raise more than this, if demand suggests we could.

    What is the duration of the fundraising period?

    We will start raising investment on 2nd September 2018 at 1200 hours and the Fundraising Period will end as the Investment Period begins on 2nd October 2018 at 1200 hours.

    How much can I invest?

    The minimum investment to purchase Black Card Bonds is £500 and there’s no maximum amount.

    What is the difference between the two investment brackets?

    The lower investment bracket of £500 to £5,000 is fixed at a 5% rate and the higher bracket of over £5,000 is fixed at 7%.

    Can I change my mind during the fundraising period?

    Of course. If you decide the investment isn’t for you before the final day of the Investment period then simply notify us that you don’t want to proceed.

    Can I change my mind during the investment period?

    No. Once the investment period begins on 2nd October 2018 at 1200 hours. Your investment will be locked in for the term of the investment.

    Will Black Card Bonds give me shares in A Rule of Tum?

    No. The Black Card Bonds are essentially an unsecured loan to A Rule of Tum and they cannot be converted into shares in any A Rule Of Tum company

    When will I get my original investment back?

    Black Card Bonds are available on a four-year term, after which you’ll be able to receive your original investment back or opt to ‘roll over’ for a further year/s and continue to receive interest payments & Black Card rewards. You’ll need to let us know 6 months before the end of the investment period (and any subsequent anniversary) if you want to redeem your Black Card Bonds, this will be communicated through email.

    How and when will interest be paid?

    Interest will be paid annually, starting one year on from the start of the investment period.

    If I die what would happen to my Black Card Bonds?

    If such an unfortunate incident happened, your estate would be able to redeem your Black Card Bonds early.

    Can A Rule of Tum prematurely redeem the Black Card Bonds?

    Yes. We reserve the right to redeem the Bonds at any point during the initial four-year term or thereafter.

    Is the rate of return fixed?

    Yes. The rate of 5% or 7% per annum return (depending on your level of investment) will remain fixed for the duration of the Black Card Bonds investment period and won’t change.

    Can a company invest in Black Card Bonds?

    Yes, companies are eligible to invest in Black Card Bonds. There may be specific tax implications you need to consider, so we strongly recommend you speak to a financial advisor.

    Can I see more detailed financial information?

    Yes. If you would like to see more financial information then please get in contact by email at blackcard@aruleoftum.com

    Should I discuss this investment opportunity with a financial advisor?

    We strongly recommend that you do.

    How do I apply?

    Simply click on the invest link on this page to register your interest, fill in the details and we will get back to you and talk you through the next steps.

    Can I apply by post?

    No. All applications for Black Card Bonds must be made online through our website at aruleoftum.com/blackcard

    What do I get for my investment?

    You get your fixed rate return along with a whole host of other benefits. Including a your own AROT Black Card, a Black Card Bonds certificate, 3% of your total investment added back to your Black Card annually to be spent in any of our restaurants, invite to an annual AROT Black Card Supper, first refusal on future investment opportunities and more.

    Which company holds and pays my interest?

    Our parent company A Rule of Tum Group Ltd pays all interest and capital.

    We are fully insured for this eventuality.

    I have more questions – how can I get them answered?

    Simply email us on us at anytime during the process at blackcard@aruleoftum.com or make contact through the website at aruleoftum.com/blackcard.